The Real on Starting an Online Business

How and why I started an online women's boutique

I've always dreamed of starting my own business. I remember thinking about it when I was little - I wanted to create something that was all mine and share it with the world.

I played with the idea of starting a clothing business for awhile (a long while). There were a slew of things that kept me from just taking the leap of faith and starting it right away.

Things like:

  1. Money

    Obviously a major factor considering I needed it to buy inventory

  2. Time

    Would I actually devote the time it would take to file all of the documents, place the orders, design the website, etc.?

  3. Opinions

    Not sure why I cared so much, but it was always in the back of my mind. What would people think or say? Would they laugh at me? Would they even care?

Thankfully, I realized the naysayers were a complete was of time to think about. I turned my attention to money and time.

Time was easy. I honestly think you can make time for anything. There's no such thing as being too busy because when you actually give a sh*t about something, you're going to make time to do it. It's that simple. So, I did all of the administrative, annoying stuff like - getting a business license, vendors license, finding an accountant, taxes, business accounts, lines of credit, etc, etc.

That all took about a month or so. Then, I had to figure out how to get inventory. There's like this whole secret world where people buy clothing for their businesses (it's not really a secret, but it wasn't easy to find). There's amazing trade shows, websites with pages upon pages of items - it's insane and awesome.

I'm forgetting to mention that I was also figuring out where to host this website while doing all that other stuff. I started out on Wix (UGH), then went to Squarespace, and finally, decided on Square. Yes, I lost a decent amount of money hopping from host site to host site, but you gotta spend it to make it, right?

Starting a clothing business is hard, but totally doable...

The journey has been interesting (and bumpy) but I'm figuring it out. Most of the stuff that seems like it'd be difficult, really isn't that bad. Here's the truth: The hardest part of owning a business is getting people to see (and buy) your stuff. TRULY. All the other stuff is annoying, but figureoutable.

You can check out my clothing site here. I'd love your feedback! Are you looking to start a business? Share your ideas with me.